Lisa’s work is luscious, masterful and full of life. She represents a handful of living artists I consider as ‘ones to watch’ and I always look forward to see what comes off her easel next.” Pierre Henri Matisse (the grandson of Henri Matisse)

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love our new painting! Thank you for all you did to help my husband. It took my breath away when I saw it hanging in our home! I’m so happy! I’ve wanted to reach out to you for years to pick something out and it’s even more special that my husband did all of this in his own and picked something he knew I would love! I get a fuzzy feeling every time I look at it! A.N.- New Jersey

Lisa‘s art work is phenomenal! I have 2 pieces of Secretariat and I love them! The colors are phenomenal! Highly recommend her! T.S. - Illinios

“You are one of my favorite American artists…everyone remarks how wonderful your art is when they come to our home in France.” K. M., Paris, France

"This print was the first I saw by Lisa and I fell in love immediately. I bought it for myself for Christmas. I love hummingbirds and impressionist art and this covers both incredibly." A.C., Maine

Lisa’s use of color and movement is absolutely phenomenal. This is my second year going to her open studio and it’s never disappointing. I actually came to know her through seeing a piece that she had done on display in an office. I was so moved by it I had to find out more about who painted it; and so began my journey. I have never stopped thinking about that piece and now I own several small works. I look forward to seeing what she creates next. C.P. -New Jersey

I purchased four of Lisa’s Iris paintings. Just so beautiful and she was so helpful in getting me the pictures I wanted. Shipped beautifully and framed beautifully. I plan on coming back for more in the near future. Lovely lady painting lovely pictures. 5 Stars M.T. - California

So many reasons to love shopping with Lisa! Her art is beautiful. Walking into Lisa’s studio reminds me of the quote “A picture is a poem without words”. There is a wide range of pretty pieces and prices for any budget in her lovely studio. Lisa makes shopping local an absolute pleasure. R.B. -New Jersey

Lisa's paintings reflect the peace, sophistication and innocence I see in nature. Her many pieces of art have turned my home into an ever harmonious surrounding. B.T. - New Jersey

I never knew of Lisa until after the 2018 Kentucky Derby. She posted a painting of Justify and I knew I had to have it! It’s as good as any I have ever seen. I, too, am an artist, and can appreciate the years she has studied and worked to be at the level that she is at. Her florals are beyond beautiful! She’s by far my favorite living artist! M.B. - Indiana

The love within Lisa shows forth in her colorful lovely paintings. N. F. - Georgia

My first painting of Poppies by LIsa Palombo was bought in 1999 as I was strolling by a gallery in Soho, NYC and it hangs above my living room sofa in such a prominent space that I look at it many times a day and smile!  Her use of color is quite extraordinary. Just purchased floral, equine and sailing prints that I love and that look fabulous when hung together, especially since all are framed in her beautiful gold frames. Her attention to detail carries through to her packing and shipping. Happiness carries through each of her pieces. LIsa has had a meteoric rise in the field she loves and I feel so blessed to own a few of her works! L.T. -Texas

“This book (Lisa Palombo: American Impressionist) shows Palombo to be a master of oil painting on linen. Her luminous color vibrates across the surface of her flower, still life, and landscape paintings and sings from the shadows, as well. Her signature style—bold brushstrokes and vibrant color—expresses her joy at what she sees in nature; she delights in painting this so the viewer can share her experience. I am captivated by the rich textures and immediacy of her work.”
Nita Leland, Author, Teacher, Watercolorist, and Blogger
from Foreword of Lisa Palombo: American Impressionist

"Received canvas print “Independence” yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. I previously bought a print as a gift and liked it so much that I purchased this one for myself...so glad I did! I love the color and serenity of the print- just makes me happy! Prompt shipping (in spite of Christmas rush), good communication, great print ...highly recommend." J.T., Rhode Island

“What a blessing that through your gift of painting you can bring joy to people and make the world a brighter, prettier place.” K. F., Connecticut

“We love our custom painting! The kids do too. We are grateful for your super talent, energy, time, patience and friendly disposition.” T.C., New Jersey

We LOVE our new Equine artwork from Lisa Palombo Studio. We have been following Lisa for several years. Her artwork is vibrant and magical. Our home is filled with many pieces from her collections. It is a privilege to know her and own her paintings. Look out Claude Monet she is going to be at the Museum de'orsay. Prompt shipping! A.L., North Carolina

"I received my painting promptly and securely delivered. I have loved Lisa's paintings for many years! Lisa herself is very nice person who is a joy to visit in person or even through email." D.A., Connecticut

"We just love the artwork of inspired American Impressionist - Lisa Palombo!
Her work is vibrant, imaginative and joyful to behold. The opportunity to enjoy this book, featuring many of her works to date, was a must and we couldn't be more pleased with this gorgeous book. We highly recommend the book and were very pleased at how easy it was to order online for delivery to our home here in Helsinki, Finland. A great e-shopping experience and a wonderful value for the reasonable price offered." M.R., Helsinki, Finland

“Lisa Palombo is the ultimate business professional, and her artistic talent is outstanding. If you are looking for an investment that will not only increase in value but also provide your family with a lifetime of visual joy, I suggest you consider collecting her paintings. An investment sure to delight your senses as well as your bank account. I should know. I own several of her exquisite paintings.” L. S., South Carolina

“I really like what she does. It’s unique, consistent, contemporay, bold, strong, all the good things… I would place her talent above most of the other artists…” Juror for A Stroke Of Genius website